Accident / Incident Reporting

Instructor Note: Before you start to talk, determine who the accident or incident information
should be reported to (don’t forget the company Safety Committee) and who will fill out the Injury
Report in the company office.

The following points should be covered in discussing the importance of reporting and
investigating accidents, incidents or near miss accidents:

  • Always report any accidents or near misses to Employer.
  • Any injuries needing first aid or medical attention should be reported to Employer.
  • What employees do in the case of an emergency (first aid and calling for an ambulance)?
  • Where is the nearest hospital? What is the nearest cross street? (Note: Discuss the information necessary to direct an ambulance to the worksite.)
  • Who are the first aid qualified people on the job site?
  • Anyone witnessing an accident should report what he or she saw to Employer.
  • All accidents involving medical treatment should have an investigation conducted to determine
    the cause.

Remember: Always report any unsafe condition or unsafe acts, no matter how minor, to your Employer. It’s far better to prevent accidents than it is to report, investigate, deal with the workers’ compensation carrier, and have the loss of a valuable employee.