Instructor Note: Prior to making a safety presentation, obtain and review your company respirator protection program.

Our company has developed a separate respirator protection program. It is an important program because of the exposures we face in the workplace. We want to protect your body and lungs.

• No respiratory program is required when filtering-facepiece respirators are the only respirator used and they are used voluntarily.
• Respirators will be worn when the employee is exposed to hazards such as fumes, gases, mists, vapors and sprays
• Fit testing shall occur prior to allowing an employee to wear the respirator.
• Employees should be fit tested at minimum of annually to ensure the employee is putting on the respirator properly.
• Respirators shall be kept in a sanitary condition, covered at all times when not in use.
• Respirator training should be conducted prior to wearing the respirator for the first time.

Company Specific: We want all our line employees to:
– Inspect the respirator before each use.
– Know how to properly don/fit their respirator.
– Conduct a positive pressure or negative pressure check with each use.
– Report any and all problems to your supervisor.
– Take proper care of the respirator.
– Never hang respirator on a nail or leave exposed to dust.

Remember: The reason we wear respirator is to protect our lungs and bodies against hazardous fumes, gases, mists, vapors or sprays.