Safety Rules – General

  1. All accidents, injuries and near misses must be reported to your supervisor, immediately.
  2. Immediately correct, or report any unsafe acts or conditions to your Supervisor, and warn any employees who may become involved.
  3. If you have any doubt regarding the safety of a job procedure, consult with your immediate supervisor before proceeding with the task.
  4. If an item of protective equipment is required by the job-site, or for the job you are doing, (i.e. hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, respirator, fall protection, lifejackets) consider the use of that equipment as a condition of employment. The minimum clothing and personal protective equipment that is required is:
    1. Steel-toed safety footwear with above the ankle support,
    2. Hi-visibility vest,
    3. Short-sleeved shirt, long pants.
    4. Hard hats
  5. Inspect tools and equipment daily, ensure all guards and safety devices are in place and functional. Misuse or willful damage of company tools and equipment is strictly prohibited.
  6. Maintain good housekeeping in the workplace. Do not allow materials to gather on floors, platforms, ramps, stairs or walkways as to become a tripping hazard. 
  7. Hazardous materials must be identified, stored and handled in accordance with the Workplace regulations.
  8. Never work alone in isolated areas unless arrangements have been made for periodic checks with another person.
  9. Underground utilities must be located with the use of utility maps and hand-digging procedures, prior to digging mechanically.
  10. Entry into excavations greater than 4 ft. deep is strictly prohibited, unless it is sloped or shored.
  11. Confined space entry procedures must be followed when entering a confined space.
  12. Fighting, scuffling, horseplay, practical jokes and theft are prohibited.
  13. The use of alcoholic beverages and drugs (including prescription or over the counter medications which may cause impairment) is strictly forbidden on the job or job-site. No person shall enter a job site while his or her ability to work is impaired.
  14. Smoking in non-smoking areas (offices, plant offices, shops, vehicles, flammable areas) is strictly forbidden. The only exception to this rule is if a worker is riding in a vehicle alone and there is adequate ventilation available.
  15. No worker shall ride on the outside of equipment unless the vehicle has been designed or modified for this purpose. All workers are to ride in the cabs of vehicles.
  16. Seatbelts must be worn when operating ROPS equipped machinery, and company vehicles.
  17. Never do maintenance or work under, on, or around a piece of running equipment. Shut it off and lock it out until your work is completed.
  18. No worker shall operate damaged tools, equipment or machinery. If it is not operating correctly, or needs maintenance, “tag it” out of service, fill out an equipment repair form, and return it to the Equipment Manager.
  19. No worker shall operate or use any equipment in a manner that endangers themselves or other workers. Only persons properly trained and authorized by their Supervisor shall operate any equipment or machinery.

Comply with the requirements of the Safety Program and other applicable regulations.