10.1 General
The organization shall determine and select opportunities for improvement and implement any necessary actions to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.

These shall include:
a) improving products and services to meet requirements as well as to address future needs and expectations;
b) correcting, preventing or reducing undesired effects;
c) improving the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system.

NOTE Examples of improvement can include correction, corrective action, continual improvement, breakthrough change, innovation and re-organization.

10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action
10.2.1 When a nonconformity occurs, including any arising from complaints, the organization shall:
a) react to the nonconformity and, as applicable:
1) take action to control and correct it;
2) deal with the consequences;
b) evaluate the need for action to eliminate the cause(s) of the nonconformity, in order that it does not recur or occur elsewhere, by:
1) reviewing and analysing the nonconformity;
2) determining the causes of the nonconformity;
3) determining if similar nonconformities exist, or could potentially occur;
c) implement any action needed;
d) review the effectiveness of any corrective action taken;
e) update risks and opportunities determined during planning, if necessary;
f ) make changes to the quality management system, if necessary.

Corrective actions shall be appropriate to the effects of the nonconformities encountered.

10.2.2 The organization shall retain documented information as evidence of:
a) the nature of the nonconformities and any subsequent actions taken;
b) the results of any corrective action.

10.3 Continual improvement
The organization shall continually improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality management system.

The organization shall consider the results of analysis and evaluation, and the outputs from management review, to determine if there are needs or opportunities that shall be addressed as part of continual improvement.