How to Manage Hazards in Your Workplace?

If you neglect your responsibility to protect your employees, you could face financial and/or custodial penalties. Therefore, it’s vital that you properly manage all your workplace hazards. This article should have helped you to identify and consider more obscure hazards, but it’s important that you take further steps to protect you employees. For example, you should:

• Carry out an appropriate risk assessment for the nature of the work and hazards. We have provided some downloadable templates for you to use throughout this article. You can find more, including those that are relevant to your industry, by searching on the Hub.

• Introduce appropriate control measures. Once you have completed your risk assessment, you must introduce controls to reduce or eliminate the identified hazards. For example, you may be able to avoid work at height completely when window cleaning by using extension poles or, if those are inappropriate, you could reduce the risks by installing fall prevention equipment.

• Appropriately train all your employees in their duties. All employees should have basic Health and Safety Training or Office Safety Training, in addition to training for any specific workplace hazards.

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