How should workplace incident investigation follow-up be done?

Management is responsible for acting on the recommendations in the investigation report. The health and safety committee or representative, if present, can monitor the progress of these actions.

Follow-up actions include:
– Respond to the recommendations in the report by explaining what can and cannot be done (and why or why not).
– Develop a timetable for corrective actions.
– Monitor that the scheduled actions have been completed.
– Check the condition of injured worker(s).
– Educate and train other workers at risk.
– Re-orient worker(s) on their return to work.

Even the strongest CAPA plan won’t prevent workplace accidents if it isn’t enforced. Follow up with the recommendations after a few weeks, then a few months to ensure they’re being implemented. If the changes don’t seem to be making a difference, consider revising the CAPA plan and its timeline to maximize results.

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