Chain Saws

Except for log home builders and site clearer’s, it is rare that a chain saw is used on construction jobs. These are a specialty tool that have their own special hazards. Before you use, review.

Before Operations
– Always review operator instructions before you use a chain saw.
– Wear snug fitting clothing; don’t wear any jewelry.
– Be sure to wear earplugs especially if you plan to cut for a long period of time.
– Always check for defects in the saw. Replace all defective parts before operating the tool.
– Don’t use a saw with a dull blade.
– Check the item to be cut for nails, wire and any other metal-imbedded items.
– Before cutting, plan a path of retreat.

During Cutting
– When cutting, keep the saw away from your body.
– Never cut anything directly overhead.
– Be wary of materials to be cut that may be under tension.
– Be careful to avoid pinching the blade or guide bar.
– As the material begins to fall, turn off the saw and move away quickly.
– Watch for a rebound.

After Cutting
– Allow the saw to cool before refueling.
– Don’t operate the saw near your refueling area.
– Check the operator instructions for any special after operations maintenance instructions.

Additional Discussion Notes:
Determine company policy on always wearing a hard hat, ear plugs, safety glasses or goggles, leg protection and safety shoes when using a chain saw.

Remember: Chain saws can greatly reduce the labor burden in a construction project. However, these are a dangerous tool and can seriously injure a worker when improperly used. Use common sense and the basic rules we discussed to have a safe operation.