Keeping In Shape

Staying in shape is one subject that is rarely discussed when safety is the topic. However, a person who stays in good physical condition is less likely to be involved in an accident. They are usually more alert, less subject to the adverse effects of weather and generally able to react more quickly to changing conditions on the job. That is why this is an important subject.

Staying in Shape Reduces Injuries by:
• Reducing the effect that adverse weather has on your body.
• Reducing the effect of minor injuries. A body in good condition will usually repair itself much faster.
• Substantially reducing exposure to minor sprains, strains and muscle pulls. Most people in good shape rarely strain or pull muscles.
• Cutting down the exposure to normal illnesses. The percentages of those people who are in good shape getting colds and the flu are lower. A person in good shape can better fight the germs causing the illnesses.
• Being more alert to job site conditions.

How To Stay In Shape:
– Exercise regularly.
– Eat right.
– Get plenty of rest.
– Avoid overindulging in sweets, alcohol or food.
– Diet when needed to maintain recommended body weight.
– Avoid smoking. Smoking cuts down circulation making cold colder, hot hotter, and injury recovery longer.

Additional Discussion Notes:
• The importance of eating breakfast; having a snack around mid-morning to be alert.
• Insert Company Policy on smoking on the job.

Remember: Few people will dispute the fact that when you physically feel good, your attitude is
also good. You are able to avoid illness and can react quicker to dangerous situations. It is far
better on your body to stay in shape since it places less strain on your muscles and your heart.
Keeping in good shape makes good sense, and good sense is the cornerstone to safety.