Children And Construction

Children are often keen to explore new areas and may display a natural sense of curiosity for anything new that’s going on. In the case of building work and construction, there may be temptation to go and see what’s happening, but construction sites can pose serious dangers for children.

Most construction sites are like oil and water for children; they don’t mix. Conversely, like iron and a magnet, children are attracted to any type of construction. Children like to explore.

Whether it’s a field that is in the process of being developed into retail shops, or new houses that are beginning to be built, children should be offered the important message that they’re not playgrounds but dangerous working areas. 

Some general observations:
– Children don’t recognize hazards as well as those who work on site.
– Locked equipment may still be a hazard.
– All excavations are potential forts or swimming pools.
– Scaffolds become gym sets.

Discouraging children:
– Don’t allow children on site during the day.
– Erect a site fence.
– Mark excavations with signs or guard or both. (Remember: Fall protection rules.)
– Group and lock up equipment at night.
– Post “No Trespassing” signs.
– Ask for regular police patrols to check out your jobsite. If necessary, post a guard.

Remember: Most children will respect the builder’s wishes and stay out. But some will not and these are the ones that can get hurt or hurt your project from a vandalism standpoint. Experience indicates that those who have had a child injured on their sites find it can be quite a burden on one’s conscience. We don’t want that to happen on our job sites.