It’s not easy to create a safe work environment. There are several best practices and regulations companies must follow, regardless of the industry they’re in. Between years of experience and working on tight deadlines, employees may be tempted to take shortcuts at work.

While these shortcuts can potentially save time and money, it’s never a good idea. Shortcuts can be killers since overall safety is reduced. 

Question: (Yes/No answer) Nearly everyone we know uses short cuts to get the job done?
Answer: Generally yes.

However, there are some reasons not to. As we all know, a project is completed by use of certain construction methods. They usually modify methods and as a result, decrease the safety built into proven methods.

What are some ideas to keep in mind ?
– Everyone uses short cuts
– They can be dangerous
– Sometimes they are deadly
– Our company is willing to take the time necessary to do a job properly
– Heights, excavation and tunnels increase the dangers of short cuts
– Warn those using unsafe methods of the hazards associated with it.

Additional Discussion Notes:
Short cuts can really hurt our customers and our profits. Name some examples you have seen on the job.

Remember: Although we all use short cuts in our daily routines, we must be aware of the dangers that they expose us to. There are two ways to perform a work task. Often the safe way is not the fastest or easiest way.