Manufacturing Industry Safety Videos

Investigating a worksite incident- a fatality, injury, illness, or close call- provides employers and workers the opportunity to identify hazards in their operations and shortcomings in their safety and health programs. Most importantly, it enables employers and workers to identify and implement the corrective actions necessary to prevent future incidents.

Incident investigations that focus on identifying and correcting root causes, not on finding fault or blame, also improve workplace morale and increase productivity, by demonstrating an employer’s commitment to a safe and healthful workplace.

Incident investigations are often conducted by a supervisor, but to be most effective, these investigations should include managers and employees working together, since each bring different knowledge, understanding and perspectives to the investigation.

Ban Natural Gas Blows
CHERNOBYL AZ-5 why it exploded
Dangerously Close: Explosion in West, Texas
Dangers of Hot Work
Deepwater Horizon Blowout Animation
CSB Safety Video: Emergency in Apex
Animation of April 26, 2018, Explosion and Fire at the Husky Energy Refinery in Superior, Wisconsin
Fatal Exposure: Tragedy at DuPont
CSB Safety Video: Fire From Ice
CSB Safety Video: Hazards of Nitrogen Asphyxiation
Protect Public Employees from Workplace Accidents
Reflections on Bhopal After Thirty Years
CSB Safety Video: Static Sparks Explosion in Kansas
Uncovered Hazards: Explosion at the DeRidder Pulp and Paper Mill
Without Safeguards, Pressure Vessels Can Be Deadly
CSB Safety Video: Blast Wave in Danvers
No Escape: Dangers of Confined Spaces
CSB Safety Video: Dangers of Propylene Cylinders
Emergency Preparedness: Findings from CSB Accident Investigations
Falling Through the Cracks
Fernie Memorial Arena Incident Animation | WorkSafeBC
Fire in Baton Rouge
Hot Work: Hidden Hazards
Mixed Connection, Toxic Result
CSB Safety Video: Preventing Harm from Sodium Hydrosulfide
Runaway: Explosion at T2 Laboratories
No Place to Hang Out: The Danger of Oil Sites
CSB Safety Video: Vinyl Chloride Explosion and Fire
Combustible Dust: Solutions Delayed
CSB Safety Video: Dangers of Flammable Gas Accumulation
CSB Safety Video: Dangers of Flammable Gas Accumulation
CSB Safety Video: Death in the Oilfield
Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar
CSB Safety Video: Ethylene Oxide Explosion
Fatal Exposure: Tragedy at DuPont
Incident Investigation: Fuel Tanker Explodes, Fatally Injuring Worker | WorkSafeBC
Silent Killer: Hydrogen Sulfide Release in Odessa, Texas
Prevent Accidents During Subfreezing Weather
CSB Safety Video: Reactive Hazards
Shock to the System
The Human Cost of Gasoline
CSB Safety Video: Public Worker Safety: Wastewater Plant Exp