• Always keep safety in mind before you do any DIY activity, use caution, care, and good judgment – if in doubt, don’t do it at all!
  • Always ensure that all the windows and external doors are locked properly when you leave your house empty, for no matter how long. And specially take care of proper locking when you leave for holidays.
  • Do invest in controlling the house lights with time switch. It’s an excellent way to give the impression that your home is occupied as lights automatically come on dusk and go out at 10 or 11 pm as desired.
  • For best safety always fit smoke detectors in your house and keep your family update and rehearsed with an evacuation plan that you can use in the event of a fire.
  • Always ensure that doors to garden sheds are locked at all times to hinder criminals from gaining easy access to enter your home or your neighbors.
  • To avoid accidents in bathroom due to wet soapy tile or porcelain surfaces use non-skid mats in the tub and shower, and on the bathroom floor.
  • You could also install bars specifically designed to attach to the sides of the bathtub for safety to avoid any falls.
  • Always keep a first aid kit ready at home and clean out the medicine cabinet regularly, and safely dispose of expired medicines from time to time.
  • For safety in the kitchen clean cutting boards and knives after each use, or use disposable cutting boards and always use a clean dishcloth every day as damp sponges and dishcloths contain millions of germs.
  • Always use the right tools to do any work at home as using inappropriate tools can lead to mishaps easily.
  • Always clean your refrigerator and cabinets regularly and throw the foods that are moldy, spoiled or stale.
  • Always do regular overall cleaning of the house to avoid health problems.


  • Don’t smoke in bed for your family safety as smoking in bed is a major cause of accidental fire deaths in homes and never place or leave ashtrays on the arms of chairs where they can be knocked off easily.
  • Never leave children unsupervised near by a pool. At the time of social gatherings at or near a pool, always appoint a “designated watcher” to protect young children from pool accident.
  • Do not fix or keep the heater or other fire sources in close proximity to the bed. They should be at least three feet away from bed to prevent a fire mishap.
  • Do not leave any objects on the stairway as anyone can easily trip over objects left on stairs while walking quickly or particularly in the event of an emergency or fire. Always remove all objects from the stairway and try to keep them obstacle free.
  • Never place or store potholders, plastic utensils, towels, and other non-cooking equipment on or near the cooking range because these items can be ignited easily.
  • Never burn anything larger than candles inside your home without providing good ventilation such as opening windows, doors, and fireplace flumes.
  • Never tie a spare key onto a piece of string and have it available at the back of the letter box or hide a spare key under a door mat or flowerpot in your front garden as these are the most common accessible places for keys.
  • Never allow unexpected strangers into your home regardless of who they say they are. Before you let them enter, check the identity stating an official telephone number for you to contact. If you still have doubts about their authenticity just don’t allow them in.
  • Never mix medicines and alcohol, and never take more than the prescribed amount of medicine.
  • Never put cigarette stubs that are still burning in the ash tray, always check to see that cigarettes are extinguished before emptying ashtrays as burning stubs can ignite trash easily and cause fire.
  • Never take things for granted but do regular maintenance check- ups for various household equipment’s to ensure safety.
  • Never keep house cleaning products and chemicals with an easy accessibility to children and pets.