About Us 

OHSE Solutions are a specialist Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental consultancy firm based in India, offering services throughout India. We pride ourselves in providing a professional service which will give a totally integrated approach to managing your Health, Safety and Environmental issues at work.

What can we do for you?
In a culture of increased litigation, no business can risk ignoring its workplace Health, Safety and Welfare obligations. Regardless of size, every company is affected by Health and Safety Regulations that impose duties, obligations and penalties both on the companies concerned and on the management and directors personally.


Policy and Procedures1

How can HSE Solutions assist your business?
Evaluate your existing Health and Safety systems for effectiveness.
Provide your business with expert ‘one stop’ advice and guidance on all matters relating to the occupational health and safety needs affecting your company.
Develop new or modify your existing programs to establish a cost effective Health and Safety management system, unique to your business.
Provide a unique OHSE related training solution for your management, supervisory staff or employees.
Whether you are responsible for the Health and Safety function and require full time assistance to help you through a specific project, an external audit of your systems or you are a smaller business that only needs a couple of days per year OHSE Solutions can help.

Our Core Values…  

We undertake to conduct our business in an ethical manner through the adoption of the following values:  

Integrity: We conduct all aspects of our business ethically by being truthful, meeting our commitments, and behaving as a good corporate citizen.  

Initiative: We lead the way by developing cost effective creative solutions to problems and acting with speed and decisiveness.  

Teamwork: We work together to achieve superior results by sharing ideas to develop solutions, supporting and relying on each other and having clear and open communication.  

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions by living our values, setting clear goals, measuring results, seeing improvements and protecting our reputation.  

Safety: Our business is Health and Safety. We commit to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for the Health and Safety of our employees and others in the workplace as per our Health and Safety policy.  

Reliability: We consistently implement solutions, procedures and Programmes and can be depended upon to produce timely results that at least meet but preferably exceed customer expectations.  

Communication: We communicate within the company and with clients in an open, clear, and timely manner.  

Relevance: We endeavor at all times to ensure we provide our clients with relevant, up to date and topical information pertaining to legislative changes and other aspects within the health and safety environment.  

Education: Our staff look to continually increase their knowledge and skillsets in their chosen industry of health and safety. Your partner in health and safety solutions

Our company make-up is of competent, skilled, experienced individuals with experience in Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Production, Smelters, General and Construction industries. All professionals at OHSE Solutions have field and plant experience and understand the principles of organization, administration, management, and value. We welcome responsibility and uphold accountability. We conduct and communicate our work in a manner that is easily understood and well received by the whole organization. Our company takes pride in being “SELF-SUPPORTIVE”, giving the customer more time to work on other projects.